Tied to change or tied to my fellow man?

Does anybody remember the “Zune”, Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s “Ipod Nano 1st  generation”? I do because I had the misfortune of being given one for christmas.   I think my parents were more happy than I was at the time to receive it.  It was clunky and ugly also the battery over charged and died after a few charges.  Just one of those glitches that comes with new technology.

But since then who knew technology would come so far?  Today we have wearable technology with fitness trackers, blue tooth in shoes, applications that start our cars. I could go on and on.  So what’s going to be next?  Will employers require employees to have some sort of blue tooth chip placed under their skin to keep track of their activities?  In some parts of the world, like Mexico, where there is a huge divide between rich and poor, the wealthy are implanting GPS tracking devices under their skin in case of kidnapping (https://fieldlogix.com/news/can-under-the-skin-gps-tracking-devices-protect-you-if-kidnapped/).

Also it used to be that people would spend hours looking for their tv remote control and now they can bring their television with them on a plane, train, boat or car it doesn’t matter, if they can get  a signal they can get their tv. My parents camp in the summer on the weekend in the bush and they have two satellite receivers.  Their cellphones work there so they can even order movies.  With current emerging technologies our lives have really changed. And with social media being so easily available even in the bush we are never disconnected from one another.  Even if I’m out of the house I’m still within their reach of contact. Lucky me.

So what is my life going to look like in ten years or so?  Will I have instead of messager on my phone, holographic messaging? Will I physically have to talk with another human for work or will all my work be done at home in isolation?  Will conversation be reduced to click throughs and likes? I think if this becomes the case then mankind might begin to lose their humanity even more than they already have.  But it is the world that we are living in.

I for one am going to try to hang on to my humanity towards my fellow man while still staying technologically curious.  I hope anyone that is reading this blog commits to the same goal.

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