Artificial Intelligence is anything but artificial…

It’s here!  Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a popular theme in the past year and given its capabilities, I think we can expect this innovative tool to go from an introduction to a growth stage quickly!

What is AI and why is it such a hot topic now? 

AI is, to put it simply, having a machine do any intelligent function that we as humans would do.  It is based on the accumulation of massive amounts of data that exactly and accurately describe the tasks so that a machine can emulate it.

The interest in this area has been around since the 1950s with the degree of interest vacillating over time.  However today, with the strength of computers and the ability to readily create software has refueled research in AI within the technology arena.

What are some examples of AI?

Probably one of the most public forms of AI today is self-driving cars.  Using technology to distinguish the environment, cars are now driving without human intervention.  Another example is robotic care for seniors to address a potential shortage of health care providers given the expected demand society will face with aging baby boomers needing support all at the same time.  Finally, chatbots, which are machines that can have a conversation with a person, are being developed to expand their current limited capabilities.

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What does all this mean?

While these types of advancements are all very exciting, there are also some concerns that these processes could have such a dramatic effect on humanity as we know it leading to high unemployment.  However, there are also some very pragmatic uses that we can consider which might increase our comfort level.

For example, AI can be used as part of a hiring process in combination with people’s social media profiles to learn more about their candidates ranging from their interests to their communication style to cultural fit.  A better fit benefits both the applicant and the company.

Similarly, customer service becomes more customized when software combines with social media profiles to address any concerns.  Building a personalized relationship can be a great retention strategy.   While we may use AI to personalize responses, there will still need to be human partnering in the background as is currently done with social media to temper the responses.

The transparency of information sharing will likely create privacy concerns, especially if people are not clear as to how their personal information is being, or will be, used.  That will need to be addressed and shared so that the public will feel their data is being safeguarded.

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I think that the forward thinking of AI will bring a different way of getting work done and require a new set of skills.  Perhaps we should start thinking sooner than later about how we will get acclimatized.   What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence is anything but artificial…

  1. Thanks for this. Interesting. I’ve read a lot about the potential for AI become completely out of control. I wonder if that could ever actually happen. It’s believable that someday AI will be much smarter than humans, however, I don’t know if it would have the motivation to do all the nasty things it does in sci-fi.

    • Oh, I believe it could! Look at how out of control social media has become!! I think that, just as years past, innovation changed life as we know it (imagine life before an ATM, you had to be at the bank by 3 p.m to get money) and now we can’t imagine living without it! But I’m with you; let’s leave all the sci-fi nasty things out of it! Dating myself a little, Lost in Space is apparently being rebooted!!

  2. When I worked for a telecommunications company, the largest complaint by far was trying to navigate through the voice activated answering service. Anyone with an accent was misheard, the elderly were incredibly frustrated, and you just seem to get lost in menu after menu and never ended up in the right place. Once you did finally reach someone, the customer would be unhappy to repeat all of their information as well as answer all of the same questions on top of the security type questions. I can’t say that the system has improved much even with all of the advances in technology. But then on the flip side, when you call into a call centre, you are basically assuming the person on the other end is helping you. I find I get more action when posting to their social media pages.

  3. I think with every major advance in technology, there is always a downside, either environmentally, or economically, or in regards to privacy. I don’t know what technical difficulties AI could bring to our lives but I think that the human race as a whole will be in intellectual decline if anything when humans are being replaced with robots.

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