Growing up plugged in.

About twenty years ago my uncle changed my life forever my introducing me to my first game console. It was an old Nintendo console that he had kicking around his house. He thought my brother and I would enjoy the system. Little did he know that this began a life long addiction for me of playing video games except now I do my gaming online.

There is a huge pool of gamers online where social interaction is part of the community. It is like a web of never ending media plug in. You see we’re not just gaming but we are also on facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. We are forever in communication with more than one person at a time. And we are constantly looking for new ways to connect.

I have to admit that my friends and I laugh at my parents because they still get their information through the television. What they see on the news is something I learnt about twenty minutes earlier. They actually go stand in line to buy what ever they need instead of buying it online like I do.Much of their time is wasted standing in line. This would drive me crazy.I like things arrive faster at the door.

By using online shopping, Discord, Facebook, Youtube, Steam “valve”. I feel like I am using my time more wisely and effectively. As a matter of fact I’m not alone as by evidence of the following link. . It seems like most people are starting to think like me.

How many people still do all of their shopping in stores instead of online shopping on sites as Amazon?


3 thoughts on “Growing up plugged in.

  1. I find that I do both shopping online and shopping in store, and I think it depends on what I am buying. If I am buying electronics, games, etc., I find that I do that online as it arrives quickly and it is easy to access. If I am looking for shoes or clothing, I tend to go into the stores to do that shopping.

  2. I think that its more of the older generation such as baby boomers, or Generation X that are prone to shopping in stores as not all of them are familiar with shopping online as it requires them to be on the internet. More people are shopping online as it has become much more convenient, also stated in the article that, 49% of Canadians prefer online shopping over shopping in stores. online retailers are able to offer a vast majority of of their collection and present it on a web page for buyers to view. Where as, stores are not able to perform at the same level without being financially stable and having a strong loyal following.

  3. The pricing differences between countries is something that retailers need to consider. For example, my friend was looking at a set of framed pictures on the Pottery barn website. At that time, Canadian currency was at par with American currency. The pricing, however, was not reflecting currency values at that time. While I understand that pricing is not variable, the difference of 20%-50% in pricing was. I remember that the radio was talking about this and how Canadians were going across the border to shop, since the prices were so much better the US. This is why we have a box right over the border by Rainbow Bridge. Items on are much cheaper that Even when ordering on ebay– shipping internationally from China (shipping from China to US or Canada would be considered international but why a higher shipping cost to Canada than US). Items that I need immediately I tend to buy in store. I also enjoy wandering the malls window shopping. Clothing and shoes I like to try on. But most everything else can be bought online. There are times when I look online to get product reviews and price comparisons, then end up buying in store. It all depends on what I’m purchasing.

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