Developing a Social Media Video Elevator Pitch COMM0011

Elevator Pitch.jpg

I’m sure by now everyone is familiar with the term Elevator Pitch. You know a brief introduction of who you are, what you and your business do and the services you provide and what makes you unique. Personally I’ve always struggled with mine. I’m a multifaceted designer with a variety of interests and expertise, it’s really hard for me to really nail something down.

In November I started the process of starting my own letterpress and design business. Now it’s really simple for me to communicate with other letterpress printers and usually we can all speak great lengths about the subject. There are yearly printers and book arts fairs that take place across the globe which are always a fun meet up with like minded individuals. I’m looking forward to the one at the end of the month in Grimsby and another in September in Pennsylvania. Other designers are usually envious of my collection of presses and type and frequently ask if they can come over to see my equipment. Most of the time peoples knowledge of the process is pretty limited to the time they went to pioneer village and saw the print shop.

Since starting this program I’ve realized that there are many different social media outlets available that I’m not taking advantage of. I have the traditional forms of social media presence; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Vero for my business, and keep my branding and messaging consistent. Now I realize though that I am lacking in the video portion and should be exploring that. I feel that the video below,gives a good overview of the process as well as the designers background.

I’ve been thinking about a video elevator pitch, a brief history and overview of the process now for my company. It might be interesting to develop a video blog as well where I could show the development of a project from start to finish that could be posted on a bi-weekly basis. Videos could then be shared across a variety of social media as well. I that this would give people a better overall understanding of how labour intensive letterpress can be, but they would also appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into a project as well.

Would you consider a video blog to promote your company?“>On Twitter: Developing a Social Media Video Elevator Pitch

One thought on “Developing a Social Media Video Elevator Pitch COMM0011

  1. Sara, this is wonderful! Your on-camera presence is lovely, it was well paced, and engaging. I think this is invaluable to your business—people get a glimpse into the hard work and hours put into your craft, and there is enough history that it is relevant and interesting. I’m so impressed! Well done!

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