You can learn how to draw like a rockstar in 5 days

fishArt has always been important to me. It’s important to you whether you know it or not. I’ve never met a child who does not like to pick up a box of crayons and create worlds of their own. Something happens around the age of 10 or so. Most of us stop. As an artist, I often hear about my “gift”, how I’m naturally talented. You know what? Bunk. Nobody is born with an ability to draw in their DNA. I’d even venture that talent doesn’t exist. How we are raised, a particular moment in our childhood, a great many things can lead to an interest in creating art. If the interest is strong enough, we persevere and spend a lifetime learning the craft. Why do we lose interest then? According to the Journal of early childhood news at around age 10 we want to draw realism. This makes sense, we are trying to represent the world around us. Here’s the problem. Teaching drawing skills is not a priority in many schools. We tell our children to express themselves, but don’t provide the tools to do that. If a child draws a car, it’s a bit squished, the wheels aren’t quite round – it doesn’t look right. There is a good chance that the teacher will still praise the creativity and hang the drawing on the wall for all to see. This would never happen to a math sheet where 2+2=5 or a writing assignment where evreything was spelt rong. The child knows the car doesn’t look right but has no idea how to fix the situation. Since there is so little incentive to draw, we pack it in.

Durer hands

Albrecht Dürer [Public domain],
via Wikimedia Commons

The secret though is if you know how to write your name, you have all the find motor-skills required to draw. The rest is all learning. According to Drawing Academy, there are 12 essential skills to learning to draw, none of them has anything to do with physical skills or ability. The engineer Hessam Moussavi wrote a [great article] on the benefits of drawing on linkedIn. Notably, improvements in communication, problem-solving, stress release and concentration. Skills that are useful in almost any profession. Jennifer Landin, PhD writes in Scientific America how teaching her university biology students to draw has given them a richer understanding of the subjects they are studying. It’s also a great way to get involved in a community of interest. Whether you are an absolute beginner or make Albrecht Dürer look like a hack, there is a community for you to join.

Social media provides some great benefits for learning to draw while engaging the artistic community. The Facebook Drawing Club provides plenty of information on learning to draw. You can look up #drawing or #learntodraw on Twitter. The Ottawa artists Facebook Group is a place where you can show your work, learn from others and find out about art related events in Ottawa. I would encourage you to learn from these groups and contribute back. If you are feeling ambitious, blog about your artistic journey on Medium or WordPress. Join Deviant art for sources of inspiration, you can also have your work critiqued here if you ask. I would encourage you to pick any of the tutorials available on social media. Do the exercises for 5 days and you will be able to draw like a rockstar. Will you be great? Probably not, but who says rockstars know how to draw?

I’m curious, what skills do you think learning to draw would bring to your profession?

You can draw like a rockstar in 5 days. Learn how!

Would you like to learn how to draw? Good news! You can! If you can write your name, you can draw. Here’s how you can learn to draw like a rockstar in 5 days.

2 thoughts on “You can learn how to draw like a rockstar in 5 days

  1. There may be hope to grow from stick figures!! It would make explaining some things easier to ESL students. Although- with most classrooms being smart classrooms with a computer, projector and screen, I can quickly good image what I need.

  2. I don’t think learning to draw would help me in my profession but I think, for me anyways, it would be a good relaxation (not that I draw!). I think when you focus on something completely different from life’s stressors, it has a calming affect and you get the reward of seeing the results of whatever you’ve done right away. Nice blog!

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