Blog #4: Let’s Tacobout It

Taco Bell has quickly become a Twitter icon, making a digital name for themselves with their entertaining tweets and top-notch customer service. One article, from the Huffington Post, refers to Taco Bells’ tweets as a “clever combination of retweets, sassy comebacks, hashtags and whimsical life advice” (Boboltz, 2014).

Taco Bell maintains two Twitter accounts. Their primary account, @TacoBell, launched in July 2007, is maintained primarily for marketing purposes, promoting new product developments, promotions and community outreach. Their most recent Twitter account, @TacoBellTeam, established in February of 2012, serves as the “Official Customer Care for Taco Bell”. Taco Bell uses this twitter account to respond to customer complaints and inquiries, listing their hours of availability in their bio — Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 7:00pm.

Utilization of Social Media

Taco Bell successfully forms positive relationships with their customers by maintaining an active presence on the platforms their customers maintain a presence on. Through the utilization of Twitter as a full customer service solution, Taco Bell is able to act in a proactive manner, responding to customer comments as soon as they are posted.

Personable Tone

A major element that has caused Taco Bell’s Twitter to garner the respect and admiration it has is through their human, down-to-earth tone. Taco Bell understands the importance of maximizing every opportunity to form and develop positive relationships with their customers, utilizing a traditionally more B2B approach, through the creation of marketing that is relationship driven as opposed to product driven (Algonquin College, n.d.).

With tweets like this, Taco Bell is not afraid to utilize humour and sarcasm to make light of situations and diffuse tension.

Dependable Customer Service

Earning a gold-star for customer service, Taco Bell is relentless in their ability to timely and appropriately respond to customer complaints, going to great lengths to make sure their customers feel valued and listened to.

Taco Bell, through their appropriate selection of tools and creative execution, is able to capture the attention of online users, empathize with their customers need to be heard, engage in witty, yet heart-felt, two-way dialogue, and provide value to their Taco Bell community (Algonquin College, n.d.).


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