Blog #2: Teenangers Risks in the Social Media Age.

Real Consequences that occur because of Social Media with benefits and some risks.

One day, from nowhere internet pop-out and changed all the habit of our teenager and your vision as a mom of raising teenagers in the digital age. They can even not imagine the life without the internet it is like an extension of the body with lots of gadgets. Approximately 90% of teens go online daily. They want to share as many videos, be interesting on contents, photos and liked by others.

Social media in some occurrences can help you learn on different school topics, which may expand a child’s knowledge if they are interested in the topic that they are learning about. Social media may also be a positive environment because when a teenager has absolutely nothing to do, they can just look at social media for entertainment.


Teens and Social Media the ability to manage risks

Have you been Catfishing? 

As parents, we are more concern about The Catfishing “A person who pretends to be someone else”. They are a lot catfishing on the internet that tries to impersonate people they are not so that they can trick teenagers into anything they may want them to do and can end up by kidnapping.

The fear of flunking a message to another person may cause the young person to gain more anxiety and this may also disturb their sleep. Some teens wake up during the night and consult their social networks waiting for a reaction posted on Instagram and Snapchat. The social media platforms who seem to cause this frustration on the teens are Instagram and Snapchat.

Addictions may start to come in the more a teenager uses social media because every time a teenager gets a notification they have a release in dopamine in their brain, thus making them want more of it as if it were a drug. This may all end up affecting a child’s school work, and their ability to pay attention to people they should pay attention to such as their parents, guardians, or teachers.

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