B2C Case Study Blog #4

Wayfair – Just What I need!

I must confess I am not a fan of online shopping.  I regularly engage in social media, I have been using online banking for my business and personal finances for many years and understand how banking security encryption works but so far I have not fully trusted or had the overwhelming need or urge to making online purchases online. Recently that all changed when I finally broke down and bought something online at Wayfair.ca.



Wayfair (www.wayfair.ca) is an online ‘store’ that sells over 5000 product included indoor and outdoor home furnishings, bedroom and bathroom décor, carpets and accessories, etc. Their tagline and the jingle is “Wayfair- just what I need”.   Last month while online browsing local stores websites such as Ikea and Homesence, Wayfair.com ads kept coming up on my searches so I finally checked out them out.  Almost immediately (no surprise), Wayfair.ca ads with the items I looked up were now being advertised on my Facebook feed. Not long after that, I noticed their TV ads, I also received a postcard in the mail from Wayfair offering a Promotional code with 10% off on my first purchase. With a few clicks – it wasn’t long before I found what I wanted and bought what I was looking for!

The quality of the interactions was excellent.  Wayfair made it easy to set up an account; they offered a variety of secure ways to pay and sent a confirmation number with a tracking number so that the delivery of purchase could be tracked. The delivered the day promised and then followed up with a courtesy phone call after it was delivered to asking about how satisfied I was with my purchase and if I would buy from them again. I said yes!

While I still find the whole thing a bit creepy – feeling as if was being a little manipulated and stalked by through my online searches and by Facebook, but it worked. Wayfair was able to reach a very wide target audience by aggressive social media advertising, tv ads and good ol’ old-fashioned ad mail. I was as able to quickly find what I was looking for a price that I could afford and have it delivered for free. Free shipping was the ‘value-added ‘ bouns, as I was not counting on that. Wayfair’s aggressive B2C marketing campaign did an excellent job of maintaining my attention by having an excellent attractive engaging website within trendy displays of a variety for items, they offered a price discount and the promise of fast and free shipping. Have you bought anything from Wayfair?



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