The danger of sharing too much information online.

There are many risks but there are also many benefits to social media platforms. Many of us know someone who’s experienced a false sense of connection to either someone or something that is unrealistic. However today that false sense of connection is even greater with the amount of people you are able to connect with so easily in the privacy of your own home. It is too easy to lose your sense of empathy for another human being because of the lack of human interaction.  For example on Facebook the more a person likes you’re pictures or videos you have uploaded the more that person feels closer to the up loader of those posts.

Social media can affect us in  two different ways. It will either  increase or decrease productivity depending on which type of social media site you are currently using.

Some things that social media sites can do to mitigate risk would be to make privacy and security one of  the bigger tools to focus on.  Instead they focus on photo filters or updating the way their site looks and runs.  A good example is facebook. They are always updating their style and font size or even how you see friends that come online or are already online. Companies should be working more on user friendly ways of using their tools without the user’s information being compromised. Great examples of this risk are being seen right now in our media with alleged unauthorized use of peoples facebook data to influence their opinions.

It’s probably very difficult to separate a person and professional persona on a social medium. One would most likely have to use your professional media persona strictly for professional use only. There would be no personal pictures or personal opinions that would give a hint to you are privately. On your personal site you would keep your privacy settings to private and keep your circle of family and friends very small.

It has been my experience with high school friends who have later come to regret certain post and photos that they posted online. Who they were then to who they are now.



3 thoughts on “The danger of sharing too much information online.

  1. I agree with your comment of the lack of human interaction. It is easy to post on social media but some events/information is better shared in person or by telephone. I believe a balance is needed when using social media to ensure that a person’s work or personal life is not affected. I personally don’t use my social media account during working hours or during family time.I also know of some people who post images who later in life regret doing so.

  2. I think you bring up some interesting points. One that I have to agree with is social media either decreasing or increasing our productivity. I can say from personal experience that social media has definitely DECREASED my productivity at times. I have a tendency to get home from work and instantly plop myself on the couch and scroll through all of the social media apps I have on my phone, and before I know it, an hour and a half has gone by. I could have been doing something much more productive or active, but instead I was attached to my phone looking at social media. Don’t get me wrong, I think social media is great and there have been times where it has provided me with creative inspiration, but it can be a real time waster.

  3. I think we also need to be sensitive to sharing other people information online. I have 2 young kids. I never post photos of them and I never mention them by name. They are not old enough to make social media decisions, but the day will come. I don’t want to be trying to explain to them why they are all over facebook if they don’t want to be.

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