Kids hands a Toy Phone, You Parents Answer… Only One Step apart to the real One! (blog #1, N Mendizza )

In today era Audio-Visual products and toys aiming to young kids have the shape of the electronics devices of their parents preparing them for the “next phase” using tablets and smartphones. We have technology all around I don’t think is bad it is an amazing resource right on your finger you see the world. However, is negative for the kids in the early development. and it may affect their brains growth.

I looked in the past, 15 years ago, and I remember! how infants and children between the age of 0-11 years were different. How parents interacted and contributed to their growth and development as they start thinking and speaking. The importance to develop the emotional and social. The ability to interact is very important. The only source that we lay out as parents were the library, the magazine, and outdoor activities, and now what happens! Does the technology affect our children emotionally? or are they addicted already at the age of 2 years old, or younger!.

How does my child under 11 years interact with others?” using a Tablets or a Smartphone







Survey Tablets/Smartphones effects –

Canadian Market today recent around 4 Million infants and children they are more directly targeted by the media than in the past with all the product. Children get used to repetition and grabbing the attention. Who will be affected at the end. Yes, our children some parents fall in the parenthood, make face two incompatible or contrasting realities: work and family. We have this very important job to finish by tomorrow and your kid is crying, of course, we put the game he/she loves on the tablet or the phone and it will give some freedom. Each of those realities demands for time and this is, in my opinion, the origin of so many troubles because we don’t have the time or however not enough, we may pass too much time on our smartphone or social media and don’t realize how times flies and we miss the development of the kids.

According to the New York Time before of the age of 2 years old “children should not be exposed to any electronic media, because a child’s brain develops rapidly during these first years and children learn better by interacting with people.” and older should only spend two hours a day.

The CNN study said letting a baby play on a tablet as an iPad might lead to speech delays.

Twiter: Did you know that #BillGates and #SteveJobs “Have Raised Their Kids With Minimal Technology”?

FaceBook: What age did your kids start playing with your smartphone?




The Canadian Paediatric Society:

Survey Tablets/Smartphones effects –

The New York Time:

The CNN study:



One thought on “Kids hands a Toy Phone, You Parents Answer… Only One Step apart to the real One! (blog #1, N Mendizza )

  1. Totally guilty here– kiddos are 5.5 and 8. Complaints about being bored when electronics are removed. They do have the ability to amuse themselves though– if I am patient enough to get through the whining of boredom. Things have changed drastically though– I remember being out with neighborhood kids until dinner time. We were left to our own devices! Now, there is a possibility of having CPS called on you if you let your kids be kids– like it was way back when. Time limits for sure, and absolute control over passwords/apps to make sure you know what your kids are accessing

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