Keeping Up with Social Media Trends

The thing with social media is that everything changes fast. Keeping up with all of these changes and trends is challenging, but extremely important for ensuring the success of your brand’s social media platforms. There are loads of free tools available online to help you keep up with trends, here are some of my favourites:

Image result for hootsuite


Hootsuite is an amazing tool because it allows you to do so much, including staying on top of trends. Hootsuite’s blog is a great resource for keeping up to date on social media trends as well! Definitely worth checking out.

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You may be surprised that this is one of my go-to sites for spotting trends, but Reddit isn’t called “the front page of the internet” because it’s all about cats and porn. Reddit can be a great resource for spotting trends as it’s neatly categorised and has boards, “subreddits”, for everything. News and updates appear very quickly on Reddit making it a great way to stay in the know.

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Google Trends:

Google trends is quite an expansive tool for keeping up with trends as it allows you to see what people are saying on blogs, videos, websites, social media platforms, etc. It covers a lot of ground which gives a very broad view and can help you make informed decisions. You can also set alerts for specific keywords which allows you to stay up to date on exactly what you want to know without having to wade through everything else.


I like to use these tools because they are user friendly, always up to date or ahead of other sources, and allow you to have a broad and fairly comprehensive view. They’re also super straightforward, which I appreciate! Because these tools allow you to see so many sources, it’s a great way to see news and information from experts, influencers, and your competition and allows you to react quickly. This is a super important factor if you want your brand to stay relevant in the ever changing landscape that is social media.

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