The Pitfalls of being educated in Ontario in the 2000’s and why social media is so hard for me.

I am a 22 year old male with no learning disabilities yet I find reading and writing to be difficult to this day and I think it is because I was educated in the early 2000’s. I don’t seem to have the same reading and writing level as my parents.

Being taught in Ontario at age five made social media hard for me because of the amount of students that got put into one classroom at one time. Trying to be taught by one teacher while there is thirty other students the same age as me. That only gave my  teacher enough time to teach the whole class the lesson for the day, and usually I would need extra help to understand the lesson. With the amount of students in the class they made it hard to even hear what the teacher was  trying to say and usually I would be stumped on what to do until I got home and had to ask my parents on how to do the work.  Also another part to this classroom dilemma, the boys would always out number the girls in the class. That would never help because the boys were always louder  than the girls ever were. Which it always made it really hard to concentrate and do my school work or even during a test. Keep in mind at this time the Ontario government said class sizes would be no bigger than twenty four students. This Ontario government report said class sizes were 20 students or less . This was not what I had experienced because my class sizes were always larger than 30 kids.


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Social Media

So what does my education have to do with social media? Social media was encouraged during most of my years in school. I found the teachers relied on the computers and tablets and less on the textbooks. As a result most of my peers write in hyphenated words, or sometimes in acronyms and not one of us has the ability to write a text or message without the help of auto correct. And now I have to ask myself what is going to happen to the population in ten or fifteen years if none of us can spell. Language does evolve but what good is it if none of us understand each other when trying to communicate on social media. I think that in the next few years or so that there will be a lot of confusion. Let’s just hope none of us are writing a doctors prescription or writing any treaties.

Hopefully this course will help improve my communication skills and maybe I will feel more confident when I go for my next job interview. Am I the only one that has had this experience or are there others out there?

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