COM0015 – Blog 4 – Out of the Box

Before beginning this course I used Facebook often and Instagram rarely. I knew I had a lot to learn but I didn’t realize just how much I had to learn or how this entire field will involve continuous learning and updating. At times it is exciting and interesting and at other times it is daunting.

I was surprised to really take note of how much business is happening through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  I have begun following companies and brands that I support.

I have also started a personal and professional Twitter account. I have explored many different applications and I have begun to learn about analytics and how to track them. I have very much appreciated the advice and knowledge of my classmates.

Some of the applications that I have found most relevant to my business needs are emailing programs like Mailchimp and Constant Contacts.  I love the professional look and the ability to track who has opened or read the email.

This course has also taught me how large social media is and how it is changing the way we all do business. Through the webinar I took from Hootsuite, I was very surprised to learn how little people are trusting businesses but are looking for peer- to-peer advice. It almost seems like there are thousands of mini experts to turn to for advice, reviews and comments instead of just looking to a couple well-known experts in any industry. So much of marketing is not actually marketing but connecting with people and sharing experiences, being genuine and building trust.



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