Explaining Sports to Women

Too many times I have heard that I don’t know anything about sports because I’m a woman.  According to Forbes, women know a lot about sports, women like sports, and heck women even play sports.


I live in a house with all men/boys which automatically turned me into a hockey/baseball/rugby mom.  At one time, I even drove the stereotypical minivan.

While at one of my son’s hockey games, a group of dads started heckling me and the two ladies I was standing with, even going so far as to call us “stupid” and claimed we knew nothing about hockey.  They  then tried to further mansplain the game to us when a call didn’t go in their favour.  Let’s be clear: I don’t need anyone to help me understand hockey.  I grew up in a rink—both my brothers played hockey.  I married a hockey player, and we have two children that play.  My grandfather was an author who published hockey stories as well as wrote articles on the sport.  My uncle was a commentator on Hockey Night In Canada and also penned several books on the subject.


So why is it widely perceived that women know nothing about sports?  

Ladies—have you ever supported a team only to have to justify why you like them beyond their uniforms?  This not only implies that only men can like sports, but that men are also the experts when it comes to anything sports related.

Women personalities in sports media.

Although millions of women play sports, and many more millions are fans, women are still not given the opportunity to actually talk about sports.  Males dominate the media.  By discouraging women in this field, it only fuels the premise that women simply don’t understand sports—maybe it’s the men that don’t know as much about sports as they think.

Social media can certainly up the ante for these women working in the male-dominated sports industry.  It provides them a platform that not only gives exposure, but a voice and a presence so that women of all ages can follow them, learn from them, and support them.

Facebook: Explaining sports to women, hint: don’t do it.  Why is it Widely Perceived that Woman Know Nothing About Sports.  

Twitter: Why men shouldn’t explain sports to women http://bit.ly/2FtLXQK.

One thought on “Explaining Sports to Women

  1. Nice blog! I’d love to show this to my neighbour who cannot seem to ever remember that I am a Baltimore Ravens fan!! When I was in high school, Wednesdays and Saturdays were reserved for Hockey Night in Canada and we girls had our own little hockey club going on. Unfortunately, my time is limited so I can’t devote as much time as I would like into professional sports, until the playoffs. Then the text exchanges get really feisty!

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