COM0014 – Blogpost #7

Storytelling is the heart and soul of social media. The content I create must speak to the people I communicate with in a way that makes them want to engage in dialogue with me, and with each other. I know that the objective is ultimately to monetize the site, but in order to be successful, the stories I tell have to be interesting, informative and engaging enough to make them return, engage and share. My posts must be authentic, provide value to the reader, and establish me as an Asia travel expert.

I want to paint pictures for them

Because I have travelled all my life, I know very well what a joy it is to make discoveries in far-away places, discovering new people, languages, culture and history. In fact, to discover how much we are like people half a world away. I want to create content that encourages people to create great experiences and memories for themselves, that encourages my audience to try something new.

I want to tell them stories that they can relate to on some level, imagining themselves coming along. I want them to become master-travellers with the help of my blog posts, Facebook posts, and the posts of others who have linked to my site.

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