COM0015 – Blog #4: Sad to say goodbye

I began my first course in Algonquin College’s Social Media Certificate program last January. After more than a year of part-time, online learning, I am finally writing my last assignment!

During the past year, there were nights I could not wait to sit down with a cup of tea and my laptop and begin reading the week’s lessons in the quiet of my living room, relishing in the subject of study and how it directly impacts my career. Of course, there were also nights that I dreaded finding the time to open up a Word Document and type up an assignment after a long day of work, cooking dinner, cleaning, running errands, etc. (We’re all busy, you get the picture…)

Since this month tended to fit into the “dread” category due to a challenging past few weeks, I really thought I’d be happy to finally cross the finish line of this certificate program, because it would free up some much-needed extra hours in my hectic schedule— but I’m actually sad to say goodbye.

I’ve really enjoyed the course topics, the class discussions, and reading everyone’s blog posts. It’s been a fun little journey in the world of social media and through this program I’ve really felt connected to kindred spirits.

I’ve learned a number of things in the Social Media Certificate that I have applied to my job. Although I had heard of these tools before, I had never taken advantage of them until I learned more from these course lessons; I now use Google campaign URLS to track event registration, I use Google Alerts to follow news and keywords, I conduct social listening on social media platforms, and more. I feel like I am more diligent and productive because of this.

Additional applications I have found in the field of online marketing and social media are Sprout Social and Planoly, both of which I love. I use Sprout Social at work to schedule posts, create reports, check and respond to messages, listen, and more. Outside of work, I use a tool called Planoly to schedule and write my Instagram posts for my Modern Girls Book Club account. I recommend Sprout Social (paid subscription) for larger organizations that have a lot to keep track of and are expected to post a lot of content, and I recommend Planoly (I use the free version) for small businesses and people who do it as a hobby to schedule consistent content on Instagram.

Scheduling my Instagram photos in Planoly

Thank you for being a part of this social media journey with me, and thank you Nelly for insightful and interesting lessons! What started as a bit of a whim to strengthen my credentials really became a game changer for me and I am really happy I made the decision to commit to this Algonquin College program.

What made you decide to enroll in this course?

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