Telling Your Story: What Business Choices Have You Made That You Regret?

My journey to blogging has been a long one. When my university graduation was looming and I had no plans, I decided that I would just start blogging. To be honest, I actually had a pretty great plan for that one. I wanted to call it “Lipstick and Politics” and the idea was to merge my soon-to-be-acquired Political Science degree and love of beauty and makeup; I’d write posts explaining the significance of current events using Layman’s term along sides posts about beauty products. The target audience was to be any woman who wanted to stay informed and look good doing it. I figured I’d just post a lot and eventually get sponsored by some makeup brands and be able to make a living off my blog. My present-day self is rolling her eyes at my past self.

As graduation grew ever closer, I kind of panicked and accepted a job in Australia. This was a big turning point for me: my interests shifted fairly dramatically from eye shadow pallets to passport stamps. I can’t even tell you how many people suggested that I keep a travel blog. Did I listen? Of course not. I thought it would be too difficult, I didn’t know how to get started, and I often got hung up on the domain name of all things. Nowadays, nearly all of my posts talk about my hypothetical travel blog. Again, I think I’ve come up with a pretty solid plan and found a niche, but again I have no follow through. This is my business regret. I wish that I would’ve taken my ideas, made plans, and turned them in to reality. Who knows, someday I might wade through all of my travel blog post ideas, memories, and photos and put something together but for now, emmaonthemove remains just an idea.


Check out this article by John Jantsch and consider some of his questions to determine whether people know your story!

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