Space is Hard


Recently I attended the premiere of the new series Deep Six in Toronto. Deep Six is a web series that hopefully will be picked up and created into a full-length television series. I first heard about the project from a friend, Davin Lengyel, that I had met on a previous film set. He is the creator of the series and told me how it was a crowd funded campaign ran on Kickstarter and Indiegogo that relied on social media efforts. This was Davin’s passion project and had the idea since he was a child. Deep Six is the story set 250 years in the future where earth is facing its first galactic war. A space team is sent into deep space to monitor and report back to earth, but they get caught up in a battle for survival and learn that “space is hard” The series stars some well-known Canadian talent, Michelle Morgan (Heartland) Tahmoh Pienikett (Dollhouse) and Kristian Bruun (Donnie from Orphan Black)

Just over a year later after launching the campaign, the series premiered on February 10th 2018 at the Royal Cinema in Toronto. I went in support of my friend but also as a fan and contributor myself (I donated to the post production of the series). This was also a good event to network with other people in the film industry, so I got myself all dressed up and walked the red carpet.

2018-02-12 07.09

The series was well written and very character driven, a quote that was used multiple times that night and in the series its self was that “space is hard” The series was put together as a film to give people a taste of what the series will be like, that also included quite the cliff-hanger I might add that left me craving more. The show now is being shown at studio events and film festivals in anticipation of being picked up by a bigger production company that will bring it to main-stream television. After the premiere there was an after party at No One Writes to The Colonel a cozy, hip bar. This was the time that Davin and the actors and crew could relax and mingle with audience. Davin introduced me to his creative partner, Mika Collins who also played one of the main stars of the series and writer of each episode. She was a delight to talk to and could tell she is in love with the film industry and truly a talent and gave me a chance to praise her for her work and talk about the challenges of film locations (some scenes are in the Arizona desert where Star Wars Return of The Jedi was filmed). While I was talking to her, she cut me off and said I had to send her my headshot because she is working on multiple projects now and she can clearly see me as one of the characters. You can imagine how happy and nervous that made me lol.

The night was a huge success and a lot of fun. I hope that all Davin and Mika’s hard work pays off and that everyone will soon be able to see the masterpiece they created. This was a great event to network with local people in the industry and make new contacts and friends. I am looking forward to attending more events like this one in the future.

Remember Space is Hard.

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