Do People Know Your Story?

The Moment is Now.

 I’m 33, single and female with zero children. The moment is now: I’m sitting on the couch, drinking wine, not freaking out that my assignment is due in 2 hours and 3 minutes.

Since forever, I have always procrastinated.

I’m pretty sure this assignment is due in exactly 2 hours and 1 minute. Lots of time…Time to watch an episode of Walking Dead (I’m obsessed). I learnt early in my life that I could get so much more accomplished when my adrenaline was rushing and I worked under pressure.

Before Martine: Planning out my tasks; worrying about it for weeks; putting high expectations on myself to get amazing results; and then crying in my blanky when I didn’t get A+.

Now Martine: Do everything last minute; I say “bleep it”. It will all work out.

Since forever, I have always been late.

I hate being stressed about time, this stems from a childhood memory of my mom. I was not always like that; I remember waiting for my mom to come home with the car because I needed a ride. A 1-hour wait would turn into 3 hours later. I was at home biting my nails, waiting for her to come back. What waste of energy, stressing over that? I have come to love this about my mom and can laugh about it now, because I’m like that too. We are not slaves to time.

Before Martine: I used to run down the street to catch the bus in fear that I was going to miss the bus to work. I worked at a bank, my first job out of university. Kind of a big deal for me. My hair was a mess, I was sweaty, breathing out of my paper bag. No one wants their staff to look haggard.

Now Martine: shoot the assignment is due in 1 hours and 36 minutes. I take the bus. Let’s be real, I’m going to be late 99.9% of the time for work because: the bus is never on time, or it lights on fire (true story), or maybe it’s me… Life happens. The difference is, I don’t stress about it anymore. What is the opposite of haggard?  That’s me now, beauty queen when I get into work.

The Moment is done and so is this blog. Good Night Ottawa.

#Liveinthemoment #nothaggard

#Liveinthemoment #nothaggard




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