COM0015 – Blog #3 – My plan

I am still building a strategy for developing my professional network. Here is my plan for the next year.

6-12 Months

London Book Fair

I attend the London Book Fair in the UK every April. I schedule back-to-back, thirty minute, meetings with people that I deal with only via email and the internet all the other days of the year. It is really great to have face-to-face meetings but it is also intense and exhausting. Some of the meetings flow easily and the friendly relationships I share online translate into great face-to-face meetings. However, there are some meetings that are really difficult, either because of a language barrier or a lack of connection. It takes me fully out of my comfort zone.

There is also a great opportunity to look for new contacts and to reach out to them by going to their stand and introducing myself. This is very hard for me to do. However, I am dedicated to give it a try.

Ladies Who Lunch

As I have mentioned before I am a member of a women’s group online called Ladies Who Lunch. I plan to be more proactive in researching and possibly attending network events.


I plan to increase my Twitter presence both personally and professionally and to connect with more people in my industry. I will also reconnect with those contacts in publishing that I have lost touch with.

My job

I plan to put together a proper social media plan within my organization. I will research more international publishers and connect with them. I will draft a letter and ask our current contacts to follow us on social media.


Hootsuite offers free webinars and continuing education. I plan to schedule time to make this a monthly activity to help keep me in the loop of the ever changing social media landscape and to continue learning new skills.

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