COM0014- Blog Post #6 – Do People Know Your Story?

John Jantsch’s article “Do People Know Your Story?” on Duct Tape Marketing ( got me thinking. What about my childhood shaped me for this moment? To do this job?

I think that I was always destined to become a professional traveller. I lived in 4 countries on three continents before I was 17, and although I did NOT appreciate it at the time because of all of the moving around and the constant change, I do credit this as the inception of my love for travel. As a diplomatic brat, I moved roughly every two years until I was in my 20’s. We lived in Kenya, the United States, Algeria, Canada and Europe. The cultural environments in those places were at times familiar and foreign, so being in unfamiliar surroundings no longer stresses me out.

I was an artsy kid, and loved visiting museums, playing music and exploring the places we lived in with my parents. As an adult, I still love doing those things, and further challenge myself to find things off the beaten track while seeing the ‘usual’ sites. Consider Watt’s Towers in Los Angeles, the Andy Warhol museum in Pittsburgh (who know that was where he was born?!), a TinTin exhibit at La Défense in Paris, or the small but powerful (and not to be missed) Borghese Gallery in Rome. These are all important art or cultural sites that might be overlooked in favour of the bigger (and in some ways overwhelming) Louvre or Getty museum.

In my personal travel, I spend a huge amount of time researching the history and culture of the places I visit, to find these important must-sees that make a trip more interesting. I also love to help people discover the little things that make a place special or unique.

Have you ever found a small gem that just ‘made’ your trip? Where did you go? What made it special?


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