Blog 5 COM0014

 What are some personal qualities or characteristics that set you apart from your competitors?


I’m going to describe the personal brand of the coffee shop that I work at because I feel that has a more distinct personal brand. The coffee shop is different for its appreciation of the community. Many people come to the café specifically for that. We have an open concept table and I’ve heard feedback that the people in the café are more open to socialize in our space.

Another thing that sets up apart is that we are a space for learning. Coffee is a large industry and when we get into the Third Wave world of coffee, it can be intimidating. But Tribeca is letting people in. Tribeca is creating accessibility to the coffee world.


What have you done lately to make yourself stand out? What would your colleagues say is your best trait?


Lately, we’ve held a coffee class that teaches people how to make espresso and latte art. Many people are surprised to hear that we offer these classes. Another event we’re hosting will be a “stick and poke tattoo pop-up shop” and art gallery night. These events make us stand out because we are creating an area that brings people together not only simply for coffee but community events. I think that is our best trait. We bring people together in genuine ways. Working there, I have witnessed beautiful interactions from successful business meetings, first dates, reunions, and goodbyes. Those happen on their own because people make plans together. Tribeca adds another avenue for connection by offering classes and events.

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