COM0014 Blog 5 Personal Brand

My personal brand would be my story.  This is a story that I share while recruiting for the Anishinabek Educational Institute (AEI). I have personally struggled through the educational system and I like to encourage potential students to keep educating them self in things that they enjoy in life.  I have chosen educational paths in fields I enjoy but never knew what I was aiming for. I took recreational leadership program at Canadore College because I liked the fitness and through this I landed a placement with the elderly where I led an exercise class. I have a high energy level and enjoy keeping busy and through this placement I heard of the Personal Support Worker program (PSW) which I enrolled in.  I graduated and began to work as a PSW. Because of my positive attitude, always laughing, making others smile, and sense of humor with my clients, my job was very rewarding.  However it was physically challenging and I had to seek out new opportunities.


I have always been a creative and artistic person and decided to peruse a graphic arts diploma.  The education and skills I learned in this program combined with all of my previous experience I was able to land a job as a student recruiter for the AEI. Establishing a career late in life was challenging, rewarding and is my personal success story. I use my story, experience and education  to make others feel good, see the positive, and be inspired.  Telling my personal story to encourage others to believe in what they can achieve is my brand.


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