My Personal Brand: What Sets Me Apart?

Although I haven’t started my own travel blog yet, I have spent lots of time through this course thinking about my personal brand and how I would sell myself as a travel blogger. Travel blogs are truly a dime a dozen, so I feel as though it’s imperative for me to showcase my true self and to find my niche.

There are lots of travel blogs aimed at luxury travel or backpacking travel, but I consider myself somewhere in between… A “flashpacker” and a diva on a dime. I like to travel and have an amazing experience, but on an economical budget. And unlike the traditional backpacker, notorious for elephant printed harem pants and being just generally a bit on the dirty side, I like to look good doing it. I have been following two blogs that have a similar vibe for a few years now. The Travel Fashion Girl which told me how Crocs flats are the best shoes for travelling in Europe, comfortable and lightweight yet surprisingly stylish, and Hippie in Heels which had great tips for dressing appropriately and stylishly in India. Much like these blogs, I also value looking somewhat decent no matter the locale. Unlike these blogs, however, I am a curvy girl. Packing and styling outfits and even travelling experiences are often much different for the large and in charge. I’ve been greatly inspired by a wonderful lady named Annette who started a Facebook page and Instagram account meant to be a tool and community for, as the name suggests, fat girls travelling. The vast number of women in this group shows me that there is definitely an audience looking for fat girl travelling hacks.


A photo from my trip to India this month – it’s all about the accessories!

I think my friends would say my best traits are my sense of humour, charm, and confidence. I’m often called a great storyteller and thrive on making people laugh. I think my personality combined with targeting a niche audience: Large and in charge, fashionable ladies who want to see the world would definitely garner a wide following (no pun intended). If I was to be successful at this blog, though, it would be very important (and a personal priority) for me to really ensure that my personality shines through. I know this audience is out there looking for content, it’s only a matter of creating it!

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