Cellular Networking

In the year 2018, social media is a regular part of the average persons daily life. Everyone has a different network that they prefer most over the rest and many have a set few social networks that they cycle through on a regular basis. Why is social media a part of many peoples daily lives? Cell phones. These devices are the reason why social media dominates the world we live in today. Here is a link to an article the dives into this topic.istock-536650156

As cell phone technology got advanced over the years, phones were able to run various applications with ease and cellphone networks eventually were able to offer affordable data plans for the average consumer which made access to social media applications available virtually anywhere with cell phone reception. So naturally, as it became the norm for people to have smartphones, it became the norm for people to be a member of at least one social network. These days, many kids get cell phones from their parents at a very young age and are instantly connected to social media. It creates a culture where people, especially young people, are used to having things, information, entertainment, and more, on demand with little work or effort put in.


Cell phones and social media go hand in hand, so much so that many people find it hard to disconnect, even for a short time. It also is a great way to waste time and be unproductive. In a world with far too many distractions as it is, I believe cell phones and social media are the biggest distractions of all and they invoke laziness and under-productivity. This article goes into great detail on the issue. There is just simply too many social media platforms accessible at the average persons fingertips and not enough time to use them. How are the children of today supposed to go into the working world if they are used to everything on demand and having things handed to them? It’s a scary thought but it is becoming more of a prominent issue every day.

What are your thoughts? Do you think smartphones are corrupting young people today? Do you think there should be more education and regulation of such activities and devices for young people? Do you find you’re too connected? or maybe you feel you’re not connected enough? Let me know in the comments!

Facebook: Cellular Networking: How early is too early and how much is too much?

Twitter: Cellular Networking: a critical analysis.

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