COM0014 Blog 4 B2C case Study

Business to Consumer (B2C)

First Nation Technical Institute (FNTI) is an Indigenous college level education institute that specializes in courses geared to careers in working with Indigenous people or in Indigenous communities. They offer a unique delivery in that they can set up courses in communities where there is enough interest allowing students to remain in their communities while studying in a post secondary program. FNTI uses Face Book, YouTube, Linked In, and twitter to communicate with students, potential students and graduates. They use these platforms to share information about their courses and services; however they also share information from other websites that may be of interest to their client base. For instance they provide links to other sites that post jobs, provide student funding, etc. Face book provides postings about the colleges activities with comments related to providing information to students but also includes personalized comments on student’s lives. Culture is integrated into their postings, sites, and activities that are posted. This would be appealing to potential Indigenous students. The platforms they used are intuitive and easy to navigate; while they integrate culture and have many links to other sites for added information their pages are not overly busy making them user friendly. I believe their approach to be working as they appear to be diversified in their platforms reaching more potential students and expanding their audience.



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