Stick ’em up, your surrounded…by Social Media

Sure, a lot of it is my own doing, most of it is my own doing really.  I choose to surround myself with or utilize social media.  Much of it has been great, some of it has been detrimental (to my waistline), some has been very helpful and some just makes me shake my head in wonder.

I have two 20 somethings going to school in Ottawa and living at home.  They both have bus passes, so use the bus quite regularly.  Our house backs onto a park and we can see the closest OC Transpo stop out the back door.  Before they leave the house to jump on the bus any day they check their OC app.  That way, they rarely have to wait more than a couple of minutes for a bus.

Now, speaking of the park, and things that made me shake my head.  I walk my dog Chester through the park every day and evening.  Well, a couple of summers ago, the park seemed busier than usual and in a weird way.  It wasn’t kids playing soccer or baseball…they came into the park in one’s and two’s from multiple directions converging on a particular area, staring at their phones.  I was thinking, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, (great movie by the way, if you haven’t seen it), were these people possessed?  Yes and no, they were hunting for Pokemon.  You may recall, Pokemon Go of a couple years back.  Well, I had no idea at the time until and came home and was informed by my kids.  It was a weird experience to say the list, the first time it “Encountered” it.

Now, I enjoy a good scroll through Instagram fairly regularly.  Last summer pictures like this start popping up on my feed quite regularly.  Image result for chocolat favorisSo, needless to say, I happen to be in Orleans one sun shiny afternoon and one of those photos popped into my head.  A quick Google Maps search and next thing you know I’m getting my first giant ice cream cone, draped in a blanket of silky smooth chocolate heaven.  Thank goodness I don’t do a huge amount of business in Orleans, because I don’t think I have been since without a Chocolat Favoris stop.

Last year, my son and his girlfriend went on a trip to Iceland.  Back in the good old days, you would hope you would get a phone call every few days to keep you in the loop and let you know everyone was alive and well.  Not today.  My son wrote a daily Iceland trip blog and his girlfriend regularly posted on Facebook about their many adventures.  So, as a father and mother, we knew they were safe and sound and having fun.  And, we got to virtually take the trip with them through their descriptions and photos.  It was fun following along.

Anyway, sorry if this seems like a bit of rambling, but I was just looking out my window today and looked at someone standing at the bus stop, for quite some time (didn’t use the app) and someone else was wandering through the park.  It just made me think that we are truly surrounded by social media, if you want to be, and how completely intriguing it is and how it has changed the way we live our lives.

Anyone else have a social media experience that just made you go WOW!?  Good or bad?


Facebook – Social Media surrounds man in Barrhaven and shows him a new way of life!!


Twitter –   Stick ’em up, your surrounded…by Social Media!!

2 thoughts on “Stick ’em up, your surrounded…by Social Media

  1. Bernie I always enjoy your posts. Those 20 something year olds keep us up to date don’t they?!
    During my bus riding days in Winterpeg, I sure would have loved to keep warm for a few more minutes if I knew the bus was running late!

  2. Great post Bernie! I have fallen victim more times than I can count when seeing scrumptious pictures on Instagram. They get added to my lists and eventually I make my way there. Proof that social media WORKS! I discovered a neat little bar in downtown Hamilton via Instagram, stopped in and struck up a conversation with the owner. He told me he thought his IG posts were lame and was thinking about stopping them but I told him I was sitting in his establishment because of his posts! It’s a wonderful thing…except when my buttons keep popping!!! 🙂

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