Its not okay for them but it is okay for us


Like most of the world right now I am obsessed with the Olympics. For the whole two weeks it is on it is all I watch. I days are planned out based on what sports I can watch that day, everything just revolves around them while they are on. As a Canadian I also love everything hockey. So having Olympic hockey is just the best thing ever to me. So watching all the articles come out about the Women’s Hockey team was a little heart breaking. Not because I sympathize with the girl but because I couldn’t believe someone representing Team Canada would act that way.


Source: Wikipedia

In January during the World Juniors Hockey Tournament, a member of the Sweden team tossed his medal into the stands after losing to the Canadian Team. This player was heavily criticized by everyone for doing so. All over media you could find articles and opinions stating that is was disrespectful to the game and the winning Canadian Team. If he didn’t want the metal he would have waited until the ceremony was over and do something with it than.

Fast forward to this week where the Canadian Women’s Team lost to the US Team. During the metal ceremony a Canadian player first refused her metal, but was than told she had to take it. Only to have her remove it during the anthem playing. Everyone on social media jumped to her defense saying that she was just caught up in the moment, she wasn’t being disrespectful. But didn’t she essentially just do what the Sweden player did?  The only difference I see is one was a kid, and the other a grown women.

If the roles were reversed, if an American player acted this way if we won, we would all have had the same reaction?

Shouldn’t we be expecting those representing Team Canada to hold the same level of respect as we want to receive?

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3 thoughts on “Its not okay for them but it is okay for us

  1. Great read!I feel for the atheletes for sure, my son explained to me that to win silver in either the juniors or the Olympics hockey, it means that you have to had lost a game. I guess this is true but seriously a Silver medal that tells everyone you are second best in the world. I was glad to see that our girl did not throw the medal like the junior player did. My piece of advice would be in a world full of social media , if you want to take off your medal or throw it , do it when no one is watching!

  2. Good article, I couldn’t make the links to the posts work though?

    As a Woman, and more importantly a CANADIAN; I expect better. Silver is nothing to sneeze at, but I certainly expect our Canadian teams to behave with honor and complete professional sportsmanship. We are known for several things, and one of the biggest is our politeness. Politely accepting something, even if you are disappointed, should have been the response. If they can’t, they shouldn’t be representing our country or should be kicked off teams of the future.

    Great post though, if it gets me fired up, I like it!

  3. Great observation, Lindsay. I grew up in a house that was fiercely competitive and losing the gold medal game is losing. Not winning silver, but losing, so I know the loss was devastating for them. But we were also brought up to be respectful of whatever sport we were playing and respectful of whatever competitor we faced. Although I sympathize with both athletes, it was a moment to show their true strength, respect and maturity and unfortunately they failed. I think the coach should have taken a moment to gather their team and let them know what the expectation was and remind them that the world was watching.

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