COM0014 Blog # 4: Starbucks B2C

People will have a lot to say about Starbucks one way or another but I have to give them credit after seeing their “My Starbucks Idea” initiative. Starbucks is giving their customers the stage and listening to them at an ultimate high. In general Starbucks is using the tools at their disposal, incorporating their customers, products, and values into each approach.

The “My Starbucks Idea” is a forum that allows customers to comment their ideas related to Starbucks’ operations that they would like to see realized. Some, like bringing back ginger molasses cookies, have even been successful while others are pending. “My Starbucks Idea” isn’t the only campaign that serves as a good social media strategy from the company either.

After doing more research I noticed that Starbucks has an affinity for Twitter, which is on track for B2C branding. They retweet their customers showing that they are monitoring conversations happening about their product. Starbucks’ responses can be witty and entertaining sometimes too! You know that it is a person typing the responses.

The Birthday rewards are one way that make Starbucks B2C marketing standout

By signing off with her name Rebekah added a personal touch to Starbucks’ Twitter

All of these strategies make make the customer feel like a part of the process and connected to this massive chain corporation. With all the success that the company has seen I think that their B2C approach successful, some campaigns more than others. The Starbucks app so far is the most successful as I don’t even use their products but I saw content about it on my Instagram. The “My Starbucks Idea” has been around for at least eight years yet Starbucks is not known for this campaign. Perhaps Starbucks hasn’t done enough cross-linking between their platforms for this campaign or maybe its not a priority of theirs. In any case, the concept is a great idea for today’s advertising climate.



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