Split Media Personalities?

Have you ever taken a scroll through time and looked at your history on different social media platforms?    Remember those first Instagram posts you did with just a picture and a newbie comment?


Photo by Maureen Linehan

Slowly, you started adding ridiculous hashtags “#idontknowwhyipostedthispicbutidid” before you realize what the hashtag is really all about.  Then there’s that first tweet, thinking the world is hearing what you have to say but really it’s only the 3 people following you?   And those early Facebook posts, pictures of your kids, your family and you but whoa!!  Those pics – you looked so young!!   

I joined Facebook first, many years ago.  It allows me to stay in touch with friends, family and people I have met in my travels.  I have always used this platform to encourage, admire and compliment the people I have connections with.  I don’t air my dirty laundry and whine about my bad luck.  People are amused when I share funny anecdotes about nutty things that happen to me and trust me, I have an endless supply.    The unintentional intent is to make someone smile and that hasn’t changed much over time.

Twitter was my next venture.  I more or less joined to follow my favourite sports teams, musicians and local restaurants.  My favourite hockey team is rarely televised and I learned that there were people out there that tweeted play by play action!!  What???  Yes, I am one of those annoying people that tweet “GOOOOALLLL”.   I interacted quite a bit with people when I started on Twitter.    I had real conversations, exchanged useful information as well as witty banter.  When I tweeted or replied, it usually had a fun edge, with a dash of sarcasm and often it would be returned.  But those followers could never cross over into my Facebook realm.  No, Facebook is too personal and private.  I protect my Facebook world.  Strange eh?.   Lately, for me, Twitter has become a pit of angry trolls and negativity.  I even found myself using it to express frustration with businesses; there was bound to be someone out there that would jump on my bandwagon of bashing.  Luckily I recognized this before I reached for the pitchforks.   As I observed that Twitter had become a darker place,  my voice had changed because of that.   I needed to make a conscious effort to return to my former days of witty banter.

I happily stumbled upon Instagram as twitter accounts started linking their tweets to Instagram posts.  I couldn’t stay away.  Even though the average user is much younger,  this is the platform I enjoy the most and will likely utilize the most as I begin my blogging journey.  Beautiful pictures, inspirational videos, educational videos and just a great overall fun vibe.  My voice feels natural on this platform and people seem more connective and supportive of one another.  It sounds cheesy, but it feels like home.  Like a great big sharing community and I dig that.

I marvel (and am slightly disturbed) how each platform has taken on a personality of its own and my own voice echo’d that personality.  Each is a product of it’s content and the world as it happens around us.  What you put into it, you will get out, so I will make an effort to improve my space.   In the meantime, I will enjoy the evolution of my own voice, as it becomes a little more sophisticated, a little more polished and a little more self aware.

Facebook:  Split Media Personalities?  Is this you?? 

Twitter:  Split Media Personalities – http://bit.ly/2BDZyBU


One thought on “Split Media Personalities?

  1. Evolution! What a great word to describe it. Sometime when FB has the ‘Timeline photo/post’ I cringe at the things I’ve said in the past. But it is all about growing with the trend. Remember when we used to post everything as a status? “Jackie is going grocery shopping.” “Jackie wants chocolate.” etc etc. Too much info!

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