Car Culture and Social Media

Throughout the past century, the evolution of the motor vehicle has defined modern culture and has been the ultimate form of proving human engineering capabilities. Much like the automotive industry, social media networks have drastically transformed the world we live in today and are the go to platform for accessing virtually anything at ones fingertips. For automotive enthusiasts, social media has become a gateway to endless amounts of car communities, information pages, and much more related content.


For many enthusiasts who like to go to automotive events and meets, social media has become a hub for organizing and planning car meets and events. Car meets are the most common way for enthusiasts to meet and converse about each others cars and just to hang out. But with busy schedules and personal commitments, it used to be difficult to organize meets and events before social media. Enthusiasts who live in a particular city will likely have a meet that they attend regularly, these meets and/or events are almost always organized via a facebook group or event posting that allows members to invite their friends to the event at the click of a button. Here is a link to an article that goes into great detail on the ins and outs of car culture in the present day


Car communities are just one of millions of different communities all over Facebook and other social networks that has benefitted immensely by the success of social networks because these communities are now making Facebook the standard way for people to connect on things and interests they share in common. Many automotive social pages allow people from all over the world to join and discuss similar interests, before the only the thing that influenced your local car scene was the people that lived in the area and the cars they drove. Now people have access to car culture from all over the world from an app on their phone. Maybe you like muscle cars, or maybe you’re a fan of Honda, or maybe you are a european car enthusiast. No matter what automotive niche your interested in, there is a social media group out there for it. Car communities aren’t the only communities that have grown and thrived on social media, no matter what your hobby or interest is, chances are that there are a bunch of people who like it just as much if not more than you. What is your hobby? are their any clubs or groups that you are  member of on social media? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Car Culture and Social Media

  1. Nice post! I love that Facebook helps in getting people together, creating communities and allowing people to share their passions/interest with others. I enjoy cooking so I tend to follow different groups that share videos and recipes. One of the popular groups I follow is Tasty recipes – so simple and easy!

  2. Not belonging to a lot of groups myself, it had not really occurred to me, how social media would / has impacted existing social groups or hobby groups that now have this media to enhance communication and planning. Thanks for this interesting point about the impact of social media.

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