COM0015 – Blog #2: “The roses and thorn on social media.”

The social media landscape is flourishing, with some brands blooming under the gaze of followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat, among other channels. These brands are given the care and attention they need to survive, and they are blossoming into something beautiful. Unfortunately, there are also brands that have been planted on social media that have been left on their own to grow without the resources they need to thrive, and passersby can see the wilting accounts while scrolling through their newsfeed.

The roses of organizations that show impressive social media strategy are: Staples and Wendys.

Staples: An office supply store is not a brand that springs to mind when you think of great brands on social media, but Staples will surprise you, which is what drew me to this organization.

They offer content that is useful to followers and relevant to Staples products, such as:

Staples, Instagram

They are all about follower engagement, like encouraging comments:

Staples, Instagram

And they cleverly take advantage of trending topics:

Staples, Instagram

Wendy’s: When I started brainstorming organizations that have a strong social media game, I immediately thought of the Queen of Sass, Wendy’s. The snark and attitude Wendy’s serves up on social media, specifically Twitter, has made this account one of the best. And Wendy’s followers agree, even volunteering to be roasted on #NationalRoastDay.

Wendy’s isn’t afraid to go after their competition, like McDonald’s:

Wendy’s, Twitter

and Burger King:

Wendy’s, Twitter

And their #FreshTweets hashtag helped spread awareness about Wendy’s only using fresh, never frozen, beef while encouraging engagement from their followers about things that are better fresh.

Sticking with fast-food, a brand I think could step up its game on social media is Country Style. They currently have a presence, but it is very corporate instead of authentic. For example:

Their Instagram photos look very Photoshopped:

Country Style, Instagram

Their tweets lack personality:

Country Style, Twitter

and their Facebook posts are very focused on sales:

Country Style, Facebook

While there’s nothing horrible about their social media work, it’s not outside-the-box and special like Wendy’s and Staples. I would like to see Country Style use their current accounts more effectively by being more authentic and engaging more with their followers. To implement this, I would like them to take more candid photos, use more fun hashtags, and ask their followers questions to encourage engagement. I don’t think Country Style needs to use any other social media tools, but I do think they can use them better to grow their accounts and generate more interest.

One thought on “COM0015 – Blog #2: “The roses and thorn on social media.”

  1. Hi Leigh,

    Great post !

    I couldn’t agree more about wendys being a big winner for the year.They used relevant content to reach out to users and connected it all together with humorous and daring captions.

    Country fresh does step into the arena with much bigger players, and I think thats why their social media game is lacking. They have a much smaller budget than an multi-billion dollar company like Wendys. I think if you compare their marketing budgets as a whole- it would be reflective of quality. This doesnt mean you cant be better, but it takes more creativity.

    Thanks for the read.

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