Can Social Media Change Our Collective Consiousness?

I, like many others, have seen the events of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneham Douglas High School in Florida last week unfold through our social media feeds.  It started with actual live streaming and instant photos of what was going on from students in the middle of it all.  Seeing and reading their account of what was happening, as it was happening, their feelings of fear, rage and concern for friends and family.  This particular tragedy, at this time, is different than others, in the fact that it involved mass amounts of teenagers with social media at their disposal, talking among themselves and their peers.  The narrative is now coming from teenagers, who are fed up with the status quo.  It is not coming from adults and being fed to us through mainstream media.

These teenagers, want to change the collective consciousness.  They are speaking out, like never before through their social media activities, calling out their government representatives, in hopes that this will be the time change will happen.

Yes, there have been other actions taken, by many others, but now, the message is coming from students across the country, organizing marches, school walk outs, everywhere.

As this article points out, this shooting, with these kids telling the story, are making America’s gun problem a “Global Conversation”.  Social media is making it so much easier for people across the globe to refute false claims and tell their own stories of shootings in their towns, cities and countries and how change can happen.  I had no idea, until this past week of a mass school shooting in Dunblane, Scotland and how the people and the government made change and have never seen such a thing again.

So, we can only hope that these are the people and this is the time that change does begin to happen.

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2 thoughts on “Can Social Media Change Our Collective Consiousness?

  1. I hope it can! In times of tragedy like this, social media plays a HUGE role in the information being relayed. While I’m incredibly heartbroken for them, I’m so happy that these children are using their voices to make a bold statement about the things that need to be changed. It’s definitely a different atmosphere than I’ve seen or experienced after a mass shooting, and I hope that it sparks a change.

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