COM0015: Blog #2: Social Media: Who’s Got It and Who Doesn’t

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One company that benefited the most by using social media is Uber. As most of us know by now, Uber is like a ride-sharing for of transportation, like a taxi, only cheaper.  Uber was founded 8 years ago in San Francisco, offering a cheaper means of transportation by having licensed drivers who have their own vehicle, a smartphone and that can pass a background check, can sign up to become a driver. Consumers can download the Uber app to find local drivers and see their rates before requesting a pick up. They have their product, but now how to get it out there to make it a success, what can they do? They realized that the fasted way to grow a business is through word of mouth, only today’s word of mouth is found on social media. Uber created a Facebook page and Twitter account addressing what their business is and how it works. They also posted for users to try their services and then share their experience to their friends as well as sharing a code that would give user’s a free ride home.

I think Uber successfully uses social media right from the start. By having users post promotion offers for free rides on their Twitter or Facebook page helped build their customer base. With little money spent on advertising, just by using social media they have been able to become a multi-billion-dollar company that operates in 633 cities around the world. Their social media efforts didn’t stop there, they also used it as a way to interact with their market, by addressing question and concerns users had about their experiences with the company. They use their social media accounts to post offers, deals and new features. Uber also would partner with certain hashtags, for example when national Ice Cream Month happened, in certain cities users could summon an ice cream truck instead of an Uber car. Customers could have their ice cream and tweet and post with the #NationalIceCreamMonth and thank Uber, this way while the hashtag is trending, Uber is being promoted and generating business because they are linked to it.

A local company in Smiths Falls (where I live) that could benefit from using social media is HY Fund Studio. They are a photography studio that specializes in high quality photos, be it headshots, wedding, or just personal photos, but their social media efforts are lacking. They did create a Facebook page, but it has been dormant for years. I would finish setting up their page as well as set up a Twitter and Instagram account for them. Ultimately, they want to generate a bigger customer base as well as showcase their photography skills, by using social media they can achieve this. I would make sure they are posting daily, whether it be about their services, special offers, or even photography tips, to help start a conversation with their audience. I would also offer to customers to share or post their photo from their session and offer them a discount on more prints or their next session. Also, I would send out friendly reminders during the holiday seasons like Christmas and Valentines day offering their services as the perfect gift. These are just a few steps that they can make, as mentioned above the new “word of mouth” is social media.

Is your organization using social media?

2 thoughts on “COM0015: Blog #2: Social Media: Who’s Got It and Who Doesn’t

  1. Perfect valentines gifts do not exist.
    I just read about a woman that stabbed her husband because he didn’t buy her the good chocolates.

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