B2C Case Study: How Torrid Interacts with their Shoppers

In the past few months, Torrid has become one of my favourite places to shop. Torrid is a clothing store for women size 10-30 which has opened 400 stores across the United States since 2001 and 15 locations in Canada since 2015. This brand is amazing when it comes to body positivity and even hosts a model search each year to choose an everyday girl to be the new face of the brand – it’s pretty awesome.

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In addition to their website, Torrid has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They also use email marketing with an opt-in option when you sign up for their points programme in store.

Recently, Torrid has used a more traditional form of marketing in the form of a rather


Betty Boop advertising Torrid on Project Runway

gimmicky, but cute, segment on Project Runway where an animated Betty Boop appeared alongside the real contestants to advertise Torrid’s new Betty Boop collection. In the show, Betty would be modelling the winning contestants design. I thought that this was actually quite a cute and unique way to advertise the brand. It certainly reaches out to the right demographic and potentially to new customers. It may also draw in new shoppers who are fans of the show but haven’t shopped there before. I give it a high score for cuteness, at the very least.

In terms of social media, Torrid has made a wise choice of which platforms to use. However, I’m not sure that they are using their social media to its full potential. When looking at the brand’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages I immediately notice one thing: all three platforms have exactly the same posts all the time. Although users may not connect with Torrid on all three social media platforms, this strategy doesn’t encourage shoppers to use all three as they won’t be getting any additional information or offers through the various platforms. Their email marketing is different though and does provide recipients with great deals and information. In terms of engagement, I’m not convinced that Torrid is there yet. There are definitely fans of the brand commenting and interacting on their posts, but it really isn’t up to the leve


ls it could be. Torrid has 64.3K followers on Twitter, yet their twitter posts garner only a few likes and replies and very few retweets. Instagram is much the same. While the brand boats 528K followers on their page, each posts receives just over 3000 likes. I was, in fact, really confused and disappointed by the brand’s Instagram page. I scrolled down through many posts and only once saw the brand asking a question for its audience to answer in the comments. In my opinion, this is the easiest way to foster interaction! There didn’t seem to be any specific hashtags to use to reach out to the brand. Their Instagram bio does mention #TheseCurves, but when I did a quick search through hashtags there didn’t seem to be many posts and no recent ones. I couldn’t find any evidence of any influencers either. I did a quick google and found that in May 2017, Torrid through an influencer pool party to promote their latest swimwear line – this is where the #TheseCurves came from! It was a little disappointing to see that there has been little outreach to influencers since then and no new hashtags nor any promotion of their existing ones. Torrid’s facebook page leaves much to be desired: I read through lots of comment threads and was disappointed. There were lots of comments, but no evidence of any brand interaction. People were asking questions about the products and other followers were responding to their questions with conflicting information. This is not good. It’s not enough for the brand to simply post on their social media and hope for the best. You cannot rely on simply passively listening to what your customers are saying, there needs to be a response. Responding to your audience on social media allows them to see the brand in a more personal, humanised light and builds further trust – an excellent thing for the brand, of course!


I believe that Torrid could easily revamp their social media strategy and achieve much greater success. Continue posting on the same content on Facebook, but have a small team who is ready to reply to comments. Switch things up a bit on twitter. Ask more questions to their audience, retweet tweets mentioning the brand or showing off their Torrid outfits, and post some content from other sources. Instagram needs a bit of an overhaul: reach out to some influencers and, perhaps more importantly, reach out to the audience to crowdsource some content. This makes new posts easy for the brand and encourages engagement and it’s easy! Online retailer ASOS encourages their users to hashtag their Instagram photos #AsSeenOnMe for a chance to have their photo featured on their website or Instagram page. I think Torrid needs to do something like this.

It can be hard to develop a social media strategy, but when you do it’s important to commit. One of the greatest mistakes that brands make is failing to invest sufficient time and energy into their social media or creating the platforms, posting a couple of things, and expecting the platform to do the work for you. Spoiler alert: This is never going to work no matter what your brand is trying to advertise. It’s quite disappointing that a brand as fabulous as Torrid can have such a lackluster social media presence. With a few quick and easy fixes, I know Torrid can be a social media superstar!


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