Blog 3 COM 0014: Target Audiences

Third Wave Coffee, or coffee treated as an artisanal foodstuff, has been growing exponentially in the last 40 years or so. Along with that growth comes the followers of the Third Wave Coffee trends and the patrons to the cafés that supply it. Those people are my target audience.

Being in a suburban town there are mainly seniors or young families comprising the demographic. Through the use of Twitter Search, Instagram, and Facebook I’ve found that my target audience is neither of those things. Womp, womp. Generally, they are 20-50 years old and male but there are certainly some females as well. A handful of them are running blogs around fashion, lifestyle and food which is an interest to keep in mind.

“Coffee Lovers” is the list I created on Twitter to organize all those that I found discussing Third Wave coffee topics. Since my demographic is not local my strategy is to expand my search parameters to surrounding cities like Toronto. I will hone in on the coffee lovers there while considering what Oakville might offer to the blogs they are running. I’ll need to listen to the conversations about events and interests for this audience and then recreate that genre of experience in Oakville for them to document on their blogs or partner with a business that can.

If there was an event about an interest of yours (knitting, painting, dancing, coffee etc.) but it was ~30 min out of town, what would it take to get to you to participate?

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