COM0014 Blog 3: Target Audiences

When creating a marketing strategy, one of the very first things you do after you decide to create a strategy is figure out who you are speaking to. No point in talking to seniors about baby toys, or men about women’s make-up, right? So how does this work?

Several years ago, WestJet realized that they were losing a lot of potential business to low cost airlines in the United States departing from airports close to our border like Buffalo, Detroit and Bellingham. According to StrategyOnline, WestJet has spent the past several years looking at successful business models in other countries, picking out the best elements to create their own low cost airline that would keep the business in Canada.


 Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 7.20.08 PM

Swoop was developed as an independent, low-cost airline that would appeal to people who are price sensitive. As such, they wanted to “win over travellers who pack light and aren’t looking for frills. (Singh H. 2017) “There is a growing market of people who want to get from point A to Point B as cheaply as possible”, according to Executive Vice President of strategy at WestJet, Bob Cummings. This group includes millennials, young families and frugal travellers, and those whose household income is less than $110,000/year.

How will the communicate with their clients? Well, WestJet already has a very mature presence online, and has adopted the use of a number of platforms as they became available. They are also very good at initiating conversations with their customers through blog posts, facebook and twitter.

Millenials and young families comprise people between the ages of 16-34. They are independent, social media savvy, technologically literate and are always looking to find the product that meets their needs, so would be ideal market segments to communicate with digitally. According to Forbes Magazine, “this generation values being acknowledged as individuals, being presented with options, and feeling connected. They’re receptive to brand storytelling over straightforward ads. Millennials exhibit early adoption tendencies and develop a loyalty to brands they can trust. Millennials don’t care if content is branded; they care about whether it speaks to them.” (Ehlers, K. 2017)

So the bottom line is, if Swoop intends to be successful, they should take a page out of the WestJet handbook, and engage their market in conversations on several platforms: Twitter with #flyswoop to communicate quick information, allow users to start conversations with Swoop and to listen like this:

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 9.44.43 PM

Facebook and of perhaps a frugal traveller’s blog, with tips from Swoop employees on where to get the best deals.

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