Finding My Target Audience

Finding your target audience is the first step in designing your communications strategy – if you don’t know who your audience is, how can you expect to provide them with content they’ll enjoy? For the purpose of this blog post, I’m going to imagine that I’m finally following through with creating a travel blog; a real travel blog that I’m serious about. Travel is something that I’m very passionate about, so I figured that this would be a good place to turn for this post.


I’d start by determining the demographics of my blog; I think it would be wise for me to write to an audience I know and can relate to. Thus, I’d aim my blog towards females aged 20-40 who are, primarily, single – definitely those who do not have children as I have no idea how to travel with kids in tow. These women would likely have graduated from university or would be currently pursing their degree. My blog would be targeted at women of all ethnicity, something I think would be very interesting, and is very important, with a travel blog! This last point is important because women of all ethnicity and backgrounds don’t always have the same freedom to travel or encounter various visa restrictions, it’s important to have everyone feel included on my platforms.

I am currently a member of several different travel groups for women on Facebook. These groups are really eyeopening to the possibilities surrounding demographics of my travel blog. The women in these groups are aged 17-70+, I’ve even seen regular posts from an 85 year old frequent flyer. These women come from all over the world and although there are sub-groups and specialised groups, we all come together because of one shared interest: a profound desire to see the world. I have chosen, however, to focus my posts on readers aged 20-40 because that is the age range I am most comfortable with as they would likely share a similar lifestyle to me.


For my blog, I feel like it’s very easy to narrow down the psychographics of my audience. These women would all be interested in travelling, of course, but I would likely post a lot about what food I ate, activities I did, and what I wore while I was on holiday meaning that these women would have to also share at least a moderate interest in these things as well. In terms of what class I would be targeting, I would aim to be the most inclusionary as possible, if only by default. I am by no stretch a luxury traveller but I’m not one that likes to rough it in the cheapest of accommodations. I like to think of myself as a flashpacker, a diva on a dime, a champagne-lifestyle-on-a-beer-budget type of girl. I think everyone can take a little something away from this as I think most people are keen to save a few dollars when they can!

Getting to Know my Target Audience

As I am already an active member of these travel groups, I feel like I have a great idea about what the women in my target audience are looking for. Listening is so important to succeeding and I feel that this has given me a great jumping off point! It would be awesome if I could make a partnership with these Facebook groups, but at the very least I can use these groups as a platform to advertise my content.

Now that my demographics are sorted, I can finally start up this travel blog! The only question that truly remains now is if this blog will ever become a reality?

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