COM0015-Blog 1: Tooling Around the Social Media World


Although I have not been using social monitoring tools to a great extend yet, I have got a good taste of the tools that are available through taking the previous courses in this program. The tool that had me smitten the most was Social Mentions. One of the reasons I prefer it to other available monitoring tools is that it has a simple clean look to the site and with one search it compiles many useful statistics. You can see an organizations top keywords, main outlets they are being mentioned on, top hashtags and time spent per mention to name a few. Since my preferred platform is Twitter, I am also a fan of Tweroid. With this tool I can find out when the majority of my followers are on Twitter, when they are often tweeting and replying. I see this tool being helpful when I am working for an organization because it will help give me an idea of when to Tweet to best reach the majority of their clients.

When it comes to news, updates and current events in the world, my main source is Twitter. Twitter is consistently giving up to the minute updates on what is going on. I also like that Twitter will link me to other sources like CNN or take me to entertainment blogs. I use Twitter multiple times in a day to stay updated, by simply scrolling through my feed, I will see headlines that I can click on to read further or see other’s comments on daily events. A big area of interest to me is the entertainment world, so other than Twitter I am a frequent visitor to the Entertainment Weekly site. This site notifies me of up-coming films, or new roles an actor is taking, and various interviews with people in the industry. They also seem to be one of the fastest sources for updated information on the industry.

We are lucky that we live in a time were there are so many tools and outlets for us to use, and the numbers keep growing. These were just a couple of my favorites that currently work well with my day to day life, helping me stay connected and keep on top of things. Google Analytics is another great tool and probably the most popular, but I find it can be a little overwhelming with the amount of data it compiles and shares with you. I still use Google Analytics in moderation and they are continuing to advance with new tools to use, currently it is Tweroid and Social Mentions that work for me.

What tools are you using the most?


One thought on “COM0015-Blog 1: Tooling Around the Social Media World

  1. Excellent, I had never heard of Tweroid before but this just might be the thing I need for my company’s Twitter account. I will check it out. I also tried Social Mentions out a few months ago in another course but perhaps I should re-visit that one too.

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