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At the moment I am trying out different tools. I am having trouble finding a platform that really works for me. The two I am currently using the most are Google Alerts and Tweetdeck.

It’s convenient that Google Alerts is free and easy to use. At this point I am not ready to pay for any service. I really want to make sure it works for me first.

I like Tweetdeck’s dashboard and that I can see everything on the screen at once. At first I found this a little overwhelming but now find it very useful for a quick and easy scan and to keep track of mentions of my company or the publishers we represent.

I also like Hootsuite but have already used their free trial period for another class. I think the Hootsuite website is very useful and their blog is full of very helpful information about social media. This is a great free learning resource and a way to keep on top of social media trends.



I generally scan Facebook and Twitter for news. This is a quick and easy way to see headlines and then to choose which articles to click on. I also signed up for The Skimm. They deliver a newsletter to your inbox daily with short paragraphs explaining current news and links you can follow if you want to read more.

Pinterest is my go-to when I am looking for ideas or wanting to learn more about something.

As for industry specific news, I have recently set up a Twitter account for my company and am following relevant publishing sites as well as contacts in the industry to keep my eyes on the latest news.

The general theme for listening and learning is a lot of scanning and then choosing which links to click to either learn more or to go into more depth.  I find this challenging given that I don’t have enough time to follow all the links I wish I could.  I also tend to save articles that I wish to get to later.  Facebook is very useful for this and for reminding me of the articles that I have saved.

4 thoughts on “COM0015 – Blog 1

  1. Hi Alison I totally agree that there are so many different tools to choose from and it can be daunting, I think your on the right track with feeling different tools out first. I have not checked out Tweetdeck, but I am now 🙂

  2. Hi Allison

    Thanks for the suggestions on tools !

    Although I have yet to use a vast variety of these tools, I’m sure I’ll be diving deep into them as the course progresses. For my purposes, Facebook and Instagram has a great analytics program built into their software that has seemed to fit my needs thus far.

    I agree that facebook and twitter are the two heavy hitters for news on the web – but I do try and remain loyal to other mediums to keep my environment rounded out. Twitter is great for live updates, but lacks in content – where facebook is great for content but lacks the proper checks to be taken as fully legitimate.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts this semester.

    Mike Sawicki

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