Blog #2 Storytelling and Communication Styles

Keep it simple…

The most relevant information I gathered from this week’s lesson is to keep things simple. Let your writing follow a basic structure of beginning, middle, and end and your message will be clearer and more approachable.

Cut out the junk…

When readers are looking at content online, they don’t have a long attention span; they want quick information. The more we are able to simplify and organize our content the happier our user will be. If we remove lengthy words and sentences, information is easier for the reader to find.

Stay organized…

Laying out information very clearly with headers is another way of keeping your writing simple. There is no searching for topics when they are already labelled. I am used to the idea of introducing a topic before delving into it but this lesson taught me that pushing your more important information within the first component of the text is important. There is no need for building up to a thesis for example. Simply let the readers have the key points without much work.

After reflecting, what did you find stood out the most from this lesson?

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