You’re never too old for social media.

At what age do you stop playing games? Those games we loved as kids, such as jump rope, hopscotch and card games, may have gone by the wayside for some. But technology has resurrected many of these as apps. Games such as Solitaire, Yahtzee and Wii games are not only played by the younger generation but now by the older population.  Many older adults have jumped on the game app bandwagon with their tablets, IPads and IPods.

Social media is no different.  What may have begun as a way to connect with family across the country has turned into daily occurrence for many seniors. As someone who is approaching this ‘generation’, I am finding more and more seniors (ages 55+) are connecting with technology. Keeping up with the grandkids and learning something new have become goals for many older adults and in all honesty, have become part of their daily activities. Many seniors’ centres are now offering a variety of computer related programs and courses, including the how to’s of social media.

Working for the Town of Aurora, I was fortunate to work in the Aurora Seniors’ Centre for a 12 month period and watched first hand, how many of its members, some of whom were in their early 80’s, were utilizing their electronic devices. The Aurora Seniors’ Centre in conjunction with the Aurora Seniors’ Association, for example, is a very active centre with a very engaged computer club; most of the instructors are over 65 years of age. The Club offers weekly courses on a variety of topics which have included social media, as well as monthly TED Talks. They even have their own Facebook page, which is very dynamic.

According to Seniors for Seniors, a company providing home care services for seniors by seniors, social media can provide older adults with entertainment, stimulation, maintaining independence and preventing the isolation that many seniors face today. Technology is important to everyone, no matter the age.


So the next time your grandmother, grandfather, aunt or uncle enquires about your Facebook status or checks out your Instagram pics, remember, you’re never too old for social media. Consider what you would do if your 80 year old mother or father asked for your help in getting connected on social media? They might surprise you with the wealth of knowledge they may already have.


  You’re never too old for Social Media. It’s more than keeping up with the grandkids.

#too old for social media?

2 thoughts on “You’re never too old for social media.

  1. Great post! I can relate to this (aside from the horror of reading that I am approaching your senior age group of 55+ !!! ) as my 83 year old mother lives with us. There is nothing funnier than coming home from work and your mother asking if she can “have Facebook”. So we bought her an iPad, set her up with Facebook and away she went. She now plays solitaire (she’s top of the leader board, you know) and does her banking online. It’s an amazing way for her to connect with family and stimulate her brain. It’s amazing! I agree wholeheartedly, you’re never too old for social media!

  2. Damn…..I am 18 months away from being a senior (55?)…..yikes. I agree though, I think the seniors of today fit into one of 2 camps; those that adopt technology and those that shy away from it. I have a 77 yr old mother that tries very hard on Facebook, even if it is leaving silly comments that I cringe at later on – on my business page, (she is a proud mother…LOL). I think if more of them knew about the type of APPs that would make their lives better, more and more would jump on the tech band wagon. Nice article.

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