So, you think you know how to advertise on Facebook?

COM0011    By Tracy Hoggsocialmedia

So, you are a new author, or a small business entrepreneur; and you think you will advertise on Facebook and Instagram to promote your book, product or website business.  Unless you have experience advertising, and are completely confident using social media, consider hiring a professional social media manager.

You will find dozens of articles written by recently newbie authors, who like you, are trying the “self-promotion” trail.  Most of them learned the hard way.  What you don’t know can hurt your bottom line.  FACEBOOK is an excellent tool for reaching customers, but unless you understand how FACEBOOK uses algorithms and can choose to weight your advertising dollar, you can spend money in the wrong places, with little success to show for it. 

One example, say you want to spend $50 a day advertising a new book or product, you think you are setting your FACEBOOK ad criteria with the audience relevant to your topic/product, an appropriate age group for your ideal customer, and then pick the countries for the best take-up or exposure.  But what you don’t count on is FACEBOOKs’ own interest algorithms which will predominantly weight the majority of your $50 for each day, in the cheapest of the 2 countries (say INDIA for this example) to advertise with only token exposure in the more expensive country (say USA).   You would have been better off, doing 2 separate ADS for the same total dollar in 2 separate countries, and achieved the type of exposure you would want for your product or business.  This is the type of scenario a professional social media manager is on top of and is only one example of the mistakes a newbie can make. 

And this is only week one, once you start advertising, to get the most bang for your buck, you must be ready to do the weekly analytics of successful click through rates, and determine take-up rates by gender, age, area, country, etc., to determine where to best spend your advertising dollars the next week.

Social media marketing is an ever-changing landscape.  FACEBOOK (who owns Instagram as well) has also just changed the rules for advertising yet again for 2018, making it even harder for small businesses to get advertising priority.    In this blogging opinion, using a professional social media marketing manager is a good investment in yourself and your business, so your hard-earned advertising dollars don’t end up in cyberspace!



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