Social Mediaddiction: Where Do We Draw The Line?

I was born in 1995, about a decade before social media began its takeover of the modern world we’re living in today. I consider myself very lucky to have had the chance to live in a world where social media didn’t really exist, even though I was very young and it was short-lived. It allows me to have a greater perspective of the impact of social media on consumers today and how it compares to when it was foreign to almost everyone not very long ago. While social media is a great way to connect and share with people, its become a norm for almost everyone on the face of the earth to have a Facebook account. I feel the reason for this is not many people like feeling left out of things.

social media

Once Facebook became mainstream and everyone started getting accounts, the need to check and update Facebook became much more important for a lot of people. You want to keep up with what your friends and family are doing, whats going on in the world, and the latest funny videos on the internet but the more people join the network and make it part of their daily routine, the worse the impact is on the general population. More time is spent on the network because there is much more content to view and interact with, too much. Successfully integrating social media into your daily life without it having a negative (time-wasting) impact on one’s life is becoming more and more difficult as time progresses. There is simply too much content and too many people to keep up with for the average person to handle along with their job, schooling, outside relationships, etc. Here is an article published by Forbes magazine that discusses phone and social media addictions with teens and young adults.


I think the biggest challenge for many people is trying to resist checking their social media accounts when they have free time or when they’re distracted from the task at hand. It can become an impulsive routine that is both unhealthy and wastes time. One goal that I have for myself is that I want to spend less impulsive time on social media and exchange that with productive time that is planned more than just by habitual nature. I want to spend more time making posts that are engaging and useful to both me and my colleagues rather than just going on Facebook and scrolling through my feed mindlessly whenever I feel like it. These days, people are far too obsessed with staying connected 24/7 and not focused enough on both finding themselves and whats going on offline. Here is an article that suggests that social networks are designed to be addictive, it goes into great detail on social media addiction and the science behind it all.

I think the message that should be taken away from this blog post is that many of life’s pleasures should be enjoyed in moderation to ensure maximum productivity and self discipline. This is especially true for social media as it can most certainly be abused and over-used.

What do you think of social media? Do you find you’re using it too much? I’d love to hear your opinion!


      Social Mediaddiction: Where Do We Draw The Line? Here we dive into the world of social media and assess some of the problems it can create for users around the world.


Social Mediaddiction: Where Do We Draw The Line?

11 thoughts on “Social Mediaddiction: Where Do We Draw The Line?

  1. Great blog! I know I use social media way to much. The first thing I do in the morning and last thing I do before sleeping is checking my social media!

  2. Way too true! I can’t lie, I picked up my phone to check social media while I read this post. Social media definitely has a tight grip on me, time to cut back!

  3. Myself also. I would be surprised if there was someone who hasn’t had this ‘ mediaddiction ‘ at some point in their life. It’s a good idea to check out your usage every once in awhile and modify your behaviour. Balance is key.

  4. Nicely done, love the pic/graphics, and the references and links to other articles. Love your article, can’t agree more, way too much time on social media as a society. People are losing the basic social graces and no longer talking to each other which is sad. I watched a couple at a restaurant on what I believe was a first date the other night. They spent 50% of their time on their respective phones. The human race is doomed! LOL

  5. I was absolutely on social media overload. I’ve been listening to podcasts too, which I find fun and informative (depending on what I am listening to) and the nice thing is that I can listen to them whenever I like. No reading or hitting the like button required!! But when I need a complete disconnect, I put my phone on silent so I don’t hear notifications. It gets so quiet, I can almost hear my jumbled thoughts!!

  6. I am totally guilty of FB addiction– some of my friends take a break– it’s the thing they give up for Lent. If I took the FB app off my phone, that would solve a lot of my addiction issues– but not sure if I can do that. Now I’m thinking of creating my own YouTube channel– and linking a blog and twitter with it– I can’t imagine how tracking interactions and analytics will ease my addiction!!

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