Social Media Rules?

Word on the street, err…in cyberspace, is that Social Media rules! Social Media is where it’s at and it is the future.  It will connect you with people, consumers, your customers!  After two weeks of course reading, my definition of social media has been slightly redefined.  “Social Media Rules” means just that.  There are rules!  Lots of social media rules.  Do this, don’t do that.  Write this way, avoid that way.  Be casual, be professional.  Use this many words here, use hyperlinks there, multimedia for this.  Not to mention the number of platforms.  So many balls to keep in the air.  My brain is going to explode.

I’m, albeit jokingly, called the “social media queen” in my circle of friends and family, but at the moment, I am feeling like the “social media scullery maid” or like Jon Snow, I know nothing.  At 52, an avid foodie and occasional traveller, I have been encouraged by friends to blog about my culinary and other adventures.  Let me clarify, these are hobbies, not paid work!  I’m not taking off on vacation all the time but I do manage to find some fun stuff to do locally, I go on an annual music related cruise and if I’m lucky, I squeeze a couple of road trips in during the year.  And when you’re out or away, you gotta eat and I seem to find all the right places.    I take a picture,  write a fun blurb then post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  And yes, I autopost (hangs head in shame).   How can I possibly apply all there is to learn, keep up with the changes, follow the rules and still work 9-5 (or 6…7),  be a hip mom to my kids and a good daughter to a mother who has a gagilion doctor appointments??  Autopost was my friend!!!  So long, friend.   This rusty academic accepts the challenge and has been madly scribbling down each blog and publication so that I can follow them and keep “in the know”.  There are so many,  how do you know the content is reliable?  I’ve been using Flipboard to follow some.  Which ones do you follow?  How do you keep them organized?

As bewildering as it is, I have been paying attention.  In the past week, I’ve noticed my Facebook posts have been a bit more concise.  I haven’t autoposted.  I even turned off the links!   I have made a point of using Instagram stories.  I’m laying the groundwork for best practices and my food blog.  Yeah me!!  Our common goals are to sharpen our skills, determine our audience, improve our content and gather more followers, likes, retweets and if you are business, more customers.  But in a world of fake news and no holds barred cybercrime, who do you trust?  Even social media has a black market.  What are social media platforms doing to protect us from this?  Where are their rules?  What measures do we need to take to protect our brand, our posts and even our own faces?  Scary stuff.  While we watch how the powers to be handle these concerns, I’ll be here, balls in the air, making mistakes, breaking the rules, relishing the creative outlet and trying to keep on top of it all.  You ask how will she do it all?  Why, a content calendar for optimal timing of my posts, silly.  Social media has all the answers….

Facebook promo:  Social Media Rules?  Yes it does and yes we have them.  Tips and eye openers

Twitter:  Social Media Rules, two ways.  What’s a new blogger to do? 



4 thoughts on “Social Media Rules?

  1. What a great blog Maureen, it made me giggle! You are right about the rules, some days I am wondering if I will ever remember all of this and we are only 2 weeks in. I am also over 50, memory can be a challenge lol. I am tweeting now and I also have opened a Snapchat account, I have 2 millenniums who are very helpful, my youngest son builds websites in Toronto, most of the websites are blog hosting, here is the company website if you want to check it out I am pretty proud of him!
    I have confidence by the end of the course we will be the “Queens of Social Media”. I look forward to your next blog!

  2. Great mix of humour and seriousness Maureen! I agree that there needs to be a bit more accountability across the board, to help deal with fake news, as well as protect users. The various social media platforms need to be constantly upgrading their controls and monitoring posts – it can’t be easy!

  3. Thanks Sharon! The memory thing is definitely a challenge but I think the more we do, the more we CAN do! Congrats to your son, working to build websites is where it all starts! I will check out the company for sure. Thanks for the link!

  4. I love that you are putting out content of the way you live your life, and that people really like your content. I have been trying to push people to do the same. Get on the social media business train, and you could go somewhere great. I know a couple of people who want to be photographers. I keep telling them to just starting taking pictures of anything and everything then create some social media pages dedicated to building an audience that love seeing your photos, and content. There is someone out there that will really want your photo’s. It’s amazing to see someone doing this! Keep it up!

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