Is social media your annoying little sister?

We all have love hate relationships in our lives, like avocados I hate them, but I love how good they are for you, my other love hate relationship right now is with social media, print media’s annoying little sister! Is social media your annoying little sister?

How does social media apply to my life? Well personally I love social media because I can connect with friends, family and like-minded people. Being able to catch up and learn more about them through posts, tweets, pictures, group chats and their video’s. I can also show interest in upcoming events and webinars as well as getting reminders of both. I usually start and end my day with my personal social media.

In my professional life as a print advertising sales rep for my local community newspaper, I have a hate relationship with social media, well hate is a strong word and really not part of my vocabulary…so let’s say an unpleasant relationship with social media, like that annoying little sister. Professionally social media is in my face, won’t go away and is affecting my productivity. In the past 5 years, I have witnessed more of my clients talking about social media, different social media platforms they are on and advertising dollars they budgeted for social media, as well as the fact that they have hired social media experts. I will admit I was trying to ignore the annoying little sister called social media, then the company I work for Metroland Media/Torstar started shutting down community newspapers and as a good advertising sales rep I had to start listening to what my clients were saying and I had to embrace my little sister, social media. After some research I found the Social Media on line course at Algonquin College and decided I was going to reinvent my self from advertising print sales to a Social Media marketing!

little sister (2)

My brother and his annoying little sister!

So really is social media that annoying little sister? Of course not! Social media is a sign of the times in advertising and marketing. Can I measure how many people have engaged in a newspaper ad? No. With social media we can measure almost instantly in most cases. How many have viewed, followed, shared and commented on a post, tweet, blog, photo or videos. The following article gives a good comparison of newspaper advertising and social media advertising,

What I am finding is more money is being budgeted for social media platforms than print advertising. Newspapers are expensive to produce so the ads are costly and take up a big part of advertising budgets. In my case the newspaper I work for is a weekly and as we all know social media is 24/7 and this is what people are looking for “right now”. Newspapers main audience is the older more mature market and social media platforms reach people of all ages, my mother is 85 and even she has a Facebook account to connect with friends and family. The more I learn about social media and the different social media platforms and success stories of social media advertising, the more excited I get to be able meet with clients and start sharing the information I am learning about social media marketing.


I am hoping in the very near future professionally I will learn to love my annoying little sister, social media, as I do personally! What professionally or personally do you have a love hate relationship with?

5 thoughts on “Is social media your annoying little sister?

  1. Hi Sharon! Great job on your first blog! I have a love hate relationship with this assignment. lol I am a Graphic Artist by trade, people give me words and I make them look pretty. This time trying to come up with my own content was brutal.

  2. Great analogy Sharon! I sometimes have a love-hate relationship with social media itself! It’s a fear of the unknown for me though – I like to understand everything about the bigger picture before diving into something new. This course and sharing ideas/articles with everyone has helped quite a bit so far though!

  3. What a smart and witty way to write about this subject! I too love / hate social media and you made it so fun to read. You’re a great writer. My topic was similar and I applaud the way you wrote about it – creative! Great photo too.

  4. Great blog, Sharon! Social Media is forcing us to change the way we connect with customers and it’s very likely that it touches every job out there. Good for you for recognizing the need to evolve in your industry and add to your skills! I am hoping to do the same!

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