COM0014 – Blog 7 – Storytelling

Storytelling is important because it creates connection and connection is a kind of hook.  Once a consumer feels connected to you or your product then they will want to know more.  They will continue to read your blog or sign up for your newsletter or follow the link you posted on Twitter.  The stories we tell are what will draw in customers or followers.

Finding our story is important and discovering how to tell it is as important as the story itself.

I have a personal blog that I write from time to time.  I find I write the best when I am sharing something personal and often emotional.  I have reflected on this in the past and wondered if I am sharing too much.  This course has helped to reinforce the need to be genuine and that it is OK to tell your story and if you tell it honestly then that will shine through.

I have always strongly believed that we all have stories to tell.  We may not all be writers and some of our stories we don’t wish to share.  However, every path we cross is an opportunity to share a story.  Approaching this from a business point of view opens the door… what stories can I tell that will help to grow my business?  What experiences have I had that I should be sharing with my readers or my customers?   How will I genuinely connect with my followers?

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