COM0014 – Blog #7: Content is King

Many have heard that “Content is King,” but what does that even mean? Through the Digital Communication course, I learned a lot about why content is so important when it comes to marketing and how I can create the most effective content for social media.

While I do have a strong writing background having earned my journalism degree, I have never written articles with the thought of “how do I want my audience to engage with this story?” I mean in news articles it just wouldn’t be appropriate, for example: “so…. that was a horrific car crash, eh?” would not be suitable. But it does make perfect sense when you’re writing for a business because you want to engage with your audience and you want to interact with them to build a relationship. Now, thanks to this course, I think about how I want my audience to engage with my story before I start typing. This piece of advice was great and I plan to continue using it!

Speaking of audience, I also never really thoroughly analyzed target audiences before or broke them up between demographics and psychographic (confession: I had never heard of the word “psychographic” before). Similar to “Content is King,” we all hear “Know Your Audience,” but how many of us really know what that means? I’m glad this topic was covered and I feel like I gained useful information from it that I will use going forward.

Storytelling is so important when creating great digital content because it creates a bond between the audience and the brand (or storyteller). It connects us and helps us engage with each other. I hope to create stories that will spark conversation (a.k.a. comments) and make people feel more connected.

Thank you for a great class!

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