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My future of networking


It is an interesting time to look at the future of my professional network given the current political climate and recent internet rulings.


The internet is always changing and full of events. It is in constant evolution and if you step away long enough it could become something entirely new. Just this past week a major event may have changed  the internet forever; net neutrality has been stricken down in the United States of America, and many acknowledge this as one of the worst decision’s in the USA’s history. Who knows what our connection to the internet may be from now on? This decision could change how we network, as the websites and forums evolve in light of the new rules.


My original plan was to use the most common websites that connects the most people/businesses. That way the chance of my content being shared is greater. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Linked-In are all sites I planned to use. They give me everything that I need in terms of access and reach, and they will help me reach my future. Facebook and Twitter are great ways of sharing and communicating with clients and prospective clients. Although, I see myself using Instagram and Pinterest more as they have an increased visual impact. In my line of work, more people produce and digest information visually. Youtube could also be an option to explore but it is a bit more complicated. Starting a channel is not that simple; the content that you provide must be interesting and relevant, and you must also be an engaging host. Failure to meet these objectives could actually hinder the business. Linked-in is also a practical network where I could showcase my portfolio and attract clients.


In the coming months, I look to develop my networks online starting with creating a Linked-in and Twitter specific to my brand. Then, I would tailor my existing Facebook to be more career-minded while keeping the personal elements intact. I would then link the three sites and make posts to Pinterest to hopefully drum up business.


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