COM0014-Blog#7: Tell Me A Story


Storytelling is important in creating great digital content because you want to have engagement with your audience. When expressing your ideas, you need to take your audience on a voyage from point A to Point B to Point C and so on. It is beneficial to your brand to know who your audience is to know how best to tell your story. We need to realize that everything we post, tweet, blog, vlog, that we are telling a story, and the purpose of a story is to inform, engage and make our audience question.

Now that I have learned more about the art of storytelling in the digital community, I will be taking a better look at who my audience is and what type of content I am creating. I will be brainstorming longer than I normally did in the past to help best express my views in my story. Before I hit publish, I will read through my content multiple times and see was my initial view I wanted to express apparent in the content I just created, and if not then it is back to the drawing board.

I want to tell engaging stories where I get to open up discussions with my audience. I want to share meaningful insight into areas of interest to me, to find like minded people that share similar interests or to inspire others.

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